Prévision du prix des bitcoins : Les ours pourraient se révéler être des cibles privilégiées alors que la CTB/USD plonge sous les 18 850 dollars

Le prix du Bitcoin continue de suivre le mouvement baissier, puisqu’il passe sous les 18 850 dollars.

Tendance à long terme de la BTC/USD : Hausse (Graphique journalier)
Niveaux clés :

  • Niveaux de résistance : 20 600 $, 20 800 $, 13 000
  • Niveaux de soutien : 17 800 $, 17 600 $, 17 400

BTCUSD – Graphique quotidien

La CTB/USD se situe à 18 820 dollars. Il y a eu des cas où la CTB a échangé des mains en dessous de 18 550 $, ce qui a permis de maintenir le prix à la baisse. Comme le montre le graphique quotidien, la voie de la moindre résistance est toujours à la baisse avec la formation d’un fanion baissier.

Où le prix de la CTB va-t-il se diriger ensuite ?

L’indicateur technique RSI (14) révèle que le mouvement du marché est baissier. Malgré la baisse subie, l’indicateur technique reste dans la zone de surachat. Cela pourrait signifier qu’il y a encore de la place qui pourrait être explorée par les ours. Par conséquent, la BTC/USD pourrait continuer à suivre la tendance baissière si le prix du marché passe en dessous de la moyenne mobile de 9 jours.

A la hausse, la reprise pourrait ne pas être facile mais toute tentative de franchir la limite supérieure du canal pourrait annuler le scénario baissier et permettre une reprise prolongée vers les niveaux de résistance à 20 600, 20 800 et 13 000 dollars. Cependant, une augmentation de la pression de vente sur le marché pourrait forcer le prix du Bitcoin à suivre un chemin douloureux vers les niveaux de soutien de 17 800 $, 17 600 $ et 17 400 $.

Tendance à moyen terme de la CTB/USD : Gamme (Graphique 4H)

Sur le graphique de 4 heures, les taureaux Bitcoin n’ont pas réussi à pousser le prix du marché au-dessus de la moyenne mobile de 9 jours. Le graphique révèle que la pièce a survécu au soutien de 18 500 $ alors que le marché rebondit à partir du creux de 18 502 $. Toutefois, le prix du Bitcoin devrait revenir sur le marché haussier si le prix dépasse le niveau de 19 000 $. La résistance la plus élevée se situe à 19 500 $ et plus.

BTCUSD – Graphique en 4 heures

De plus, si le prix tombe en dessous de la moyenne mobile de 21 jours, même 18 500 dollars pourraient ne pas suffire à maintenir le soutien car le RSI (14) est orienté vers le sud. Par conséquent, la pièce maîtresse est susceptible de tomber en visite aux 18 200 dollars et moins si le prix casse en dessous de la limite inférieure du canal.

Canada may launch CBDC sooner than expected, says Central Bank executive

It may be that OVID-19 will force the Bank of Canada to launch a CBDC earlier than expected.

Canada may launch the CBDC sooner than expected, says Central Bank ExecutiveNOTÍCIAS

Timothy Lane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada and head of the bank’s research department for fintech and crypto, said that the central bank of Canada’s digital currency, or CBDC, may see the light of day „sooner than expected. Lane made his Wealth Matrix comments in an interview on December 1 on the Bank of Canada’s approach to digital payment systems.

According to Lane, the predicted decline in cash transactions fed by COVID-19 has been happening faster than the bank expected. This may cause the bank to issue a CBDC earlier than originally planned:

„In February, we identified two scenarios for which we would like to be prepared. One was the disappearance of cash acceptance, and the second was the emergence of digital currencies […] I would say that in the last nine months we have seen developments that seem to be heading in the direction of some of these things happening earlier than expected. ”
The Vice-Governor’s latest observations suggest that the Bank of Canada is changing its position towards a CBDC.

In October 2020, the Bank of Canada published a report describing the main risks associated with the CBDC. The bank said it needs to „carefully consider how the CBDC will be aggregated and used“ to ensure that the CBDC is a safe and efficient method of payment.

In February 2020, Lane said there was no convincing case for the Bank of Canada to launch a digital currency, saying it would continue to be „well served by the existing payment ecosystem.

Despite the increase in digital payments due to the VIDEO-19 pandemic and China’s progress with digital yuan, several countries around the world have taken a ‚wait and see‘ approach to the CBDCs, including the United States, New Zealand and Russia.

„Bitcoin can replace gold“ – CIO of the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock on BTC

Bitcoin and gold bars are more similar than expected. You can use it to protect your savings from inflation. The picture shows gold bars and Bitcoin coins.

BlackRock is the world’s largest wealth manager. All those who also invest in ETFs are probably familiar with the well-known BlackRock products, which run under the name iShares. In a recent conversation with CNBC, BlackRock CIO Rick Rieder commented on Bitcoin and gold. In the article, we look at the bullish statements he made here.

Bitcoin can replace gold, according to BlackRock CIO Rieder

Our article is based on an interview with BlackRock CIO Rick Rieder as part of the CNBC Squawk Box.

Squawk Box published parts of the interview on Twitter, which clearly shows how the BlackRock CIO thinks about Bitcoin . Rieder hits extremely bullish tones and confirms without a doubt that he won Bitcoin as the winner in the duel Bitcoin vs. Gold sees.

Peter Schiff will certainly not like this statement. Because Rieder said literally:

Do I think Bitcoin can replace gold to some extent? – Yeah, I think because that’s so much more functional.

Cryptocurrencies and BTC have come to stay

Anyone who has read the above passage will also find that Rieder does not make any concrete statement about a fair valuation or a fair Bitcoin price .

The Black Rock CIO said that he did not know whether the current Bitcoin price was fair. However, he knows that your permanent mechanism is behind Bitcoin and that BTC is more functional than gold.

During the interview, Rieder supports his opinion with the young generation’s affinity for technology. He points out that digital payment systems are “real” and millennials in particular perceive crypto currencies differently than older generations may.

I think cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Digital currencies and millennials‘ perception of them is real.

So let’s note that the Chief Investment Officer in the Global Fixed Income division of the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock has been positive about Bitcoin. With this, Rieder is obviously signaling to many market participants that BTC can be a serious substitute for gold and thus also underlines the narrative of Bitcoin as a store of value.

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Tether’s market cap exceeds $17 billion, fuelling Bitcoin’s rise

Bitcoin scores new highs, while a lot of new money is pouring into the market through stablecoins

According to official transparency data provided by Tether, USDT’s market cap exceeded the $17 billion mark for the first time, reaching total assets above this figure.

In 2020, Tether’s market capitalisation grew exponentially. In mid-September, Tether’s market cap increased almost fourfold since the beginning of the year, from around $4 billion to over $15 billion.

According to data from crypto analysis firm Messari, USDT has seen significant growth from August 2020 to date. As a result, the currency has added over $5 billion to its market cap over the past three months.

Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin in the Crypto Bank, is seeing a huge inflow into its market capitalisation, and is probably feeding the current bullish Bitcoin (BTC) trend.

According to Ki Young-Ju, CEO of the CryptoQuant data aggregator, the recent positive movement in the industry is attributable to the increasing number of stablecoin deposits such as USDT. On 5 November, he commented:

„Once again, the price of $BTC has risen immediately after the increase in stablecoin deposits.“

Ki Young-Ju had already drawn attention to this correlation in October, pointing out that the influx of stablecoin deposits was „useful in predicting BTC’s rise at the end of July“.

In addition, CryptoQuant data shows that stablecoin inflows reached new highs for 2020 on 18 October, recording more than 60,000 transactions. Since then, however, this figure has declined to around 30,000 in the last few days of October.

Un ancien ingénieur de Microsoft purgera 9 ans de prison dans une affaire impliquant l’utilisation de mélangeurs Bitcoin

Un tribunal américain de Seattle a condamné un ancien ingénieur de Microsoft à 9 ans de prison après l’avoir déclaré coupable de 18 crimes fédéraux liés à son plan élaboré visant à frauder le géant de la technologie de 10 millions de dollars. En prononçant le jugement, le tribunal blâme Volodymyr Kvashuk, un ingénieur en logiciel et citoyen ukrainien, pour avoir tenté de masquer des preuves numériques par l’utilisation de mélangeurs Bitcoin Fortune et l’utilisation illégale de comptes et de mots de passe de collègues pour aider ce programme.

Boîtier sophistiqué

Selon les archives judiciaires, Kvashuk, un citoyen ukrainien, avait été condamné en février 2020 pour plusieurs chefs d’accusation de fraude électronique, de blanchiment d’argent, de vol d’identité ainsi que de dépôt de fausses déclarations de revenus.

Dans sa réaction à la condamnation, le procureur américain Brian T Moran rend hommage aux «partenaires chargés de l’application de la loi et au bureau du procureur des États-Unis» pour avoir triomphé dans l’affaire qui «exigeait des compétences technologiques sophistiquées pour enquêter et poursuivre». Commentant la sévérité de la sanction, le procureur américain déclare:

„Voler votre employeur est déjà assez grave, mais voler et faire croire que vos collègues sont à blâmer élargit les dégâts au-delà de l’argent et des cents.“

Selon des documents déposés auprès du tribunal, Kvashuk, qui a été impliqué dans les tests de la plate-forme de vente au détail en ligne de Microsoft, est accusé d’avoir «utilisé cet accès de test pour voler la« valeur stockée de la monnaie »(CSV) comme des cartes-cadeaux numériques.»

Style de vie somptueux

En utilisant le produit des ventes de cartes-cadeaux, Kvashuk «a acheté une maison de 1,6 million de dollars au bord du lac et un véhicule Tesla de 160 000 dollars». Alors que les vols s’intensifiaient, Kvashuk a commencé à «utiliser des comptes de messagerie de test associés à d’autres employés» pour couvrir ses traces. Le document ajoute:

Il a utilisé un service de „ mélange “ de bitcoins pour tenter de cacher la source des fonds passant finalement sur son compte bancaire. Au total, au cours des sept mois d’activité illégale de Kvashuk, environ 2,8 millions de dollars en bitcoins ont été transférés sur ses comptes bancaires et d’investissement. Kvashuk a ensuite déposé de faux formulaires de déclaration de revenus, affirmant que le bitcoin avait été un cadeau d’un parent.

The News Spy: 4 cose chiave da considerare nella scelta di uno scambio di Bitcoin

La scelta di uno scambio di bitcoin è il compito più importante che i trader e gli investitori devono portare a termine. Scegliere la piattaforma sbagliata può portare a diversi problemi per i trader. Se siete un trader interessato, allora dovreste cercare il miglior bitcoin exchange.

Su internet è possibile trovare facilmente vari tipi di scambi criptati, ma non tutti sono creati uguali. Invece di prendere la vostra decisione in fretta, dovreste spendere una quantità di tempo significativa per fare una ricerca adeguata. Con l’aiuto della conoscenza dei servizi e delle caratteristiche dei diversi scambi di Bitcoin Revolution, potete prendere la decisione giusta. Gli investitori interessati o i principianti possono anche ottenere raccomandazioni da altri per restringere le opzioni di ricerca.

Facendo una lista delle migliori borse di bitcoin, potete facilmente scegliere quella che meglio soddisfa le vostre esigenze. Date sempre la preferenza alle borse bitcoin che offrono un livello di sicurezza avanzato e la migliore assistenza clienti.

Dovete anche considerare alcuni altri fattori cruciali per fare la vostra scelta finale. Senza avere un account su una borsa di bitcoin, non è possibile acquistare bitcoin. Date il meglio di voi stessi durante la selezione di una borsa di bitcoin per prendere la decisione giusta. Nei prossimi paragrafi, descriveremo alcuni fattori imperativi che dovrebbero essere presi in considerazione durante la selezione di uno scambio di bitcoin.

La reputazione dello scambio di bitcoin

Come sapete, la criptovaluta è grande, oltre ad essere una nuova industria, il che significa che qui si possono incontrare anche truffatori e hacker. Dovete esserne consapevoli, altrimenti potreste dover affrontare diversi problemi mentre investite i vostri soldi in bitcoin. Il metodo più semplice per fare lo stesso è controllare la reputazione dello scambio di bitcoin prima di creare il vostro conto.

Potete facilmente farvi un’idea della reputazione di uno scambio di crittografia leggendo le recensioni di altri trader o controllando i dettagli vitali forniti sulla home page dei loro siti web. Dovreste anche condurre ricerche su vari scambi per conoscere la loro reputazione. Prendere aiuto da internet può aiutarvi a valutare i risultati in modo migliore.

Caratteristiche di sicurezza

Non tutte le borse Bitcoin forniscono lo stesso livello di sicurezza per gli investitori e i trader. È la ragione per cui dovresti controllare i metodi di sicurezza utilizzati da una borsa valori bitcoin prima di andare a scegliere lo stesso. È necessario verificare se un bitcoin exchange offre o meno un’autenticazione a due fattori. Dovreste anche controllare le altre misure di sicurezza per prendere la vostra decisione finale.

Assicuratevi di controllare le caratteristiche di sicurezza fornite da bitcoin exchange per prendere la vostra decisione finale. È un fattore importante che non dovreste mai ignorare. Una volta selezionato uno scambio sicuro di bitcoin, potete visitare The News Spy. Facendo trading di bitcoin come un professionista, puoi guadagnare una buona quantità di denaro in poco tempo.

Tasse di scambio

Mentre scegliete uno scambio di bitcoin, dovreste prestare la stessa attenzione ad alcuni fattori cruciali, tra cui le spese di scambio. Non è bene prendere la decisione finale solo sulla base delle spese di scambio, ma è necessario darle importanza durante il processo di selezione. Ogni borsa valori bitcoin richiede una commissione diversa da quella dei trader e degli investitori, e voi dovete sapere la stessa cosa.

Fate una ricerca sulle commissioni delle diverse borse, e poi potete scegliere quella più adatta alle vostre esigenze. Dovete anche verificare se una borsa di bitcoin richiede o meno una commissione aggiuntiva. Controllando i costi aggiuntivi o le spese nascoste, potete prendere una decisione definitiva.

Ubicazione dello scambio

Quando si decide di scegliere uno scambio di bitcoin, si dovrebbe dare il meglio di sé. Altrimenti, potrebbe risultare in una cattiva scelta. Dovete fare delle ricerche e sapere dove si trova lo scambio. Come sapete, le leggi e i regolamenti variano sempre da paese a paese. Sarebbe utile se preferiste sempre acquistare bitcoin nel vostro Paese d’origine.

Per questo motivo, è necessario controllare la posizione di uno scambio di bitcoin che si sta scegliendo per iniziare. Assicuratevi che il bitcoin exchange accetti più valute, inclusa la vostra valuta locale. Con l’aiuto di questo, è possibile risparmiare il costo aggiuntivo, che di solito è richiesto per la conversione di valuta.

PayPal sur les talons de Square pourrait faire pousser Bitcoin: les leaders du marché

L’auteur de Bitcoin Andy Edstrom estime que PayPal pourrait bientôt plonger plus profondément dans le Bitcoin.

Le PDG de Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, est d’accord.

Les actions de Square ont surperformé celles de PayPal

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Le Trust Project est un consortium international d’organisations de presse établissant des normes de transparence.

Bitcoin PayPal

La société de paiement de Jack Dorsey, Square, a été un précurseur en matière de bitcoin. Non seulement Square a activé les paiements en bitcoins sur son application Cash, mais la société a récemment annoncé qu’elle achetait 50 millions de dollars de Bitcoin Trader pour son bilan . La société de Dorsey a laissé son rival PayPal dans la poussière en ce qui concerne le bitcoin.

Andy Edstrom, auteur de «Why Buy Bitcoin» et gestionnaire de fortune chez WESCAP, a souligné cette dynamique sur Twitter, affirmant que l’action de Square avait écrasé les actions de PayPal. Il a souligné qu’une différence clé entre les deux sociétés est la décision de Square d’adopter le bitcoin.

Edstrom, qui se décrit également comme un «passionné d’argent dur», a noté que le pionnier de la blockchain Wences Casares, qui a été nommé au conseil d’administration de PayPal en 2016, n’est plus répertorié sur le site Web de la société en tant que membre. S’il n’est pas sur le plateau, cela pourrait être révélateur, selon Edstrom, qui a fait remarquer ,

«Schéma factuel similaire à celui du départ de David Marcus du conseil d’administration de Coinbase en raison d’un conflit d’intérêts. Facebook était sur le point de lancer une crypto qui pourrait concurrencer Coinbase. Wences possède toujours Xapo et pourrait donc être considéré comme étant en concurrence avec PayPal une fois que PayPal aura lancé le produit #Bitcoin. »

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une comparaison de la performance des actions de Square par rapport aux actions de PayPal au cours des trois derniers mois.

‚Lire les feuilles de thé‘

Le PDG de Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, est également intervenu. Il soutient la théorie et a suggéré que non seulement le passage de PayPal vers le bitcoin arrive, mais que „ce sera la plus grande nouvelle pour BTC en 2020“ dans ce qui a déjà été un cycle de nouvelles chargé pour la principale crypto-monnaie .

PayPal et Bitcoin

PayPal n’est pas complètement étranger au bitcoin. Ils ont déjà des partenariats en place avec des échanges de crypto-monnaie tels que Coinbase, dans lesquels les utilisateurs peuvent effectuer des retraits instantanés. Mais Square a eu des années-lumière d’avance alors que les ventes de bitcoins ont alimenté les ventes de son application Cash trimestre après trimestre .

Les investisseurs ont célébré l’action de Square alors qu’elle se déplaçait pour ajouter plus de 4700 bitcoins à son bilan. Maintenant que le prix du bitcoin atteint à nouveau le niveau de 12000 $, PayPal pourrait ne plus vouloir manger la poussière de Square.

Bitcoin volatility at an all-time low

A balanced day, with a perfect balance between positive and negative signs, marked by the collapse of Bitcoin’s volatility to absolute historical lows.

Going through the list of the first 20 cryptocurrencies, the best increase is that of Monero (XMR), which rises by more than 7%. The privacy coin continues to show signs of an uptrend, taking the other two privacy coins with it. ZCash (ZEC) rises 7%, followed remotely by Dash, +2%, influenced by cross attacks from a firm that revealed that the protocol does not guarantee total anonymity. These rises put Monero and ZCash on the podium, better two of the day.

XRP 20201006

At a distance you can see Ripple (XRP), which continues to give positive signals with a climb of 3%. The prices of XRP are slightly lower. 26 cents. This is the highest peak since September 4.

The days continue to record decidedly low and shrinking volumes. Yesterday, the counter-value trading on Bitcoin Machine was again above 1 billion dollars. Those on Ethereum remain below 500 million dollars for the third consecutive day.

The total volumes of the last 24 hours are just over 80 billion dollars, over 70% less than the peaks recorded exactly one month ago.

This highlights an expectation on the part of operators, which continues to force price fluctuations. It is a picture that on Bitcoin brings down daily volatility on a monthly basis to absolute historical lows.

Today, in fact, the volatility index records a value of 0.61%, an absolute historical low, below the previous records of 0.80% recorded in January 2013 and April and October 2016.

Volatility drops below these previous lows, marking a new historical record of daily volatility index on a monthly basis for Bitcoin.

DeFiPulse 20201006
DeFi, record for WBTC

DeFi, despite the low fluctuations of the last few days, still remains just under 11 billion dollars, below the peaks recorded last week, at the end of September when the TVL index rose for the first time to 11.2 billion dollars.

The number of Bitcoin tokenized on ERC20 protocol continues to rise, reaching 141,000 BTC, an absolute historical record. WBTC confirms its leadership in the sector, which climbs to 5th position and maintains a total of more than one billion in fixed assets in dollars.

The first three in the ranking are:

  • Uniswap, 2.4 billion dollars
  • Maker, 1.8 billion dollars
  • Aave, 1.2 billion dollars

Market capitalization remains as it was yesterday just over 342 billion dollars. The dominance of Bitcoin is above 58%, while Ethereum drops slightly to 11.3%. XRP remains above 3.3%.
BTC 20201006

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin’s movements remain restricted, with prices below the $11,000 threshold, more psychological resistance that in the last 10 days has rejected attempts to increase. Technical resistance remains at $11,200, the first level higher by option hedges for derivatives traders.

Traders in options in the last 24 hours must decrease the strength of hedging by the Call, a possible change of analysis for the next few days with traders who are beginning to see the possibility of next rises. In fact the Put hedges increase, downwards, and this indicates the possibility of a trend change in the coming days.
ETH 20201006

Ethereum (ETH)

The prices of Ethereum are even tighter in the grip of the fluctuations that see in the last 24 hours differences within 5 dollars, between 359 and 355 dollars. This also indicates for Ethereum a wait on the part of the traders to break up or down to start taking positions.

A break that with the passage of time, as often happens in these days, could cause a strong upward directional movement, with a push over $370 or downward under $315-320. These are the levels of Ethereum to follow carefully.

U.K. politicus verdubbelt de Bitcoin ondanks het anti-crypto standpunt van de BOE gouverneur.

Ondanks het feit dat Bitcoin ver onder het vorige record van $20.000 handel drijft, zijn er meer prominente investeerders, beroemdheden en politici die de cryptocurrency adopteren dan ooit tevoren.

Dit werd duidelijk toen Godfrey Bloom, een Britse politicus die ook een econoom van de Oostenrijkse school is, deze week aankondigde dat hij Bitcoin heeft gekocht en daarmee zijn investeringen in edelmetalen heeft verhoogd.

Godfrey Bloom, een politicus uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk, omarmt Bitcoin
Afgelopen week heeft Godfrey Bloom, een Britse politicus die tien jaar lang lid was van het Europees Parlement, zijn steun aan Bitcoin aangekondigd.

Bloom reageerde op een opmerking van een cryptocentrische belegger over de relevantie van Bitcoin en zei dat hij deze week zijn „eerste aankopen van bitcoin“ deed. Hij voegde een dag later toe dat hij na een „significante“ reactie op zijn oorspronkelijke tweet, heeft besloten om veel tijd te besteden aan het volgen van de cryptocrème. Bloom beweerde dat zijn doel daarbij is om zijn ervaring te delen met zijn „mede-oudsten“ om hen te helpen „diversifiëren uit fiat valuta.“

Bloom’s groeiende smaak voor Bitcoin komt ondanks een anti-crypto-standpunt dat door de gouverneur van de Bank of England wordt aangenomen.

Andrew Bailey, de gouverneur van de centrale bank van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, vertelde de BBC in 2017:

„Het is geen valuta, het is eigenlijk niet gereguleerd in zijn bitcoin vorm. Het is een zeer volatiel goed in termen van prijsstelling. Als je kijkt naar wat er dit jaar is gebeurd, zou ik de mensen waarschuwen. Als je wilt investeren in bitcoin, wees dan bereid om je geld te verliezen – dat zou mijn serieuze waarschuwing zijn.“

Hij herhaalde eerder dit jaar dat degenen die geld storten in de cryptocurrency markt „bereid moeten zijn om al hun geld te verliezen“ vanwege de gepercipieerde risico’s van het investeren in deze ruimte.

Een van de vele prominente aanhangers

Bloom is een van de vele opmerkelijke personen die Bitcoin onlangs hebben omarmd als een potentiële afdekking van macro-economische trends.

MicroStrategy, een Amerikaans bedrijf voor zakelijke dienstverlening, accepteerde Bitcoin in augustus door een deel van de cash treasury in te zetten in de toonaangevende cryptocurrency. Het bedrijf heeft de afgelopen weken voor $425 miljoen aan BTC gekocht, wat betekent dat het een groot deel van zijn kaspositie inneemt.

Michael Saylor, CEO van het bedrijf, is sindsdien een prominente pleitbezorger van Bitcoin geworden in interviews en op Twitter.

Saylor denkt, net als veel andere Bitcoin-maximalisten, dat de cryptocurrency een uiterst levensvatbare opslagplaats van waarde is in een wereld waar fiatvaluta’s worden gedegradeerd.

Maanden voor Saylor’s intrede in de Bitcoin-ruimte omarmde miljardair hedgefondsbelegger Paul Tudor Jones Bitcoin in een briefje dat hij met zijn klanten deelde. Hij zei dat de cryptocurrency waardevoller is dan ooit vanwege het onorthodoxe monetaire beleid dat door de centrale banken van de wereld wordt gevoerd.

Tezos (XTZ) struggles to regain his footing after a steep fall

Tezos is trading between support at $ 1.70 and resistance at $ 2.80.

Longer-term timescales show considerable weaknesses

The XTZ / BTC pair is trading between 16,500 and 24,000 satoshis.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

French Army Tezos

The price of Bitcoin Pro has been declining since its rejection by a high fibonacci level. We could see some short term increases, but it looks like the long term trend is bearish.

XTZ price peaked at $ 4.49 on August 13, and has been declining ever since. The limit of its rise coincided with the fibonacci level 0.618 of the entire previous downstroke, resulting in a powerful rejection.

Tezos‘ long-term weaknesses

This peak combined with a bearish divergence in the RSI like the MACD, the latter also turning negative.

This tells us that the most likely scenario would be a decline towards the $ 1.50 area in order to validate the upward support line.

On September 4th, the price fell below the support zone of $ 2.80, as well as the ascending support line in place since March.

The XTZ then continued its descent with increased speed

The main support area is at $ 1.70, which is the 0.786 fibonacci level of the entire upward movement, and former resistance. When price tests it, this resistance should likely convert to support.

Technical indicators are bullish:

The MACD has generated bullish divergences and is on the rise
The RSI has moved out of its oversold territory
The Stochastic Oscillator is forming a bullish cross
There are signs that after a possible dip to $ 1.70 support, price will likely test $ 2.80 resistance again. The long term trend remains bearish.

Cryptocurrency trader @Cryptotoni_ shared a chart of the XTZ indicating that the price has reached a limit and is expected to resume its downward movement shortly.

From the aforementioned August 13 high, it looks like the XTZ has started a bullish impulse (in black below), with a third wave extended (in blue).

If the count is correct then the XTZ would probably be in wave 4. The latter is expected to end between $ 2.71 and $ 2.96, which is between the fibonacci levels 0.382 and 0.5 of the wave. 2.

Price is then expected to complete a final descent, which would take it between $ 1.50 and $ 1.70. This area is a confluence of the long term upward support line outlined in Section 1, and the area of ​​support mentioned in Section 2.

The ZTC / BTC chart is more ambiguous. The price is moving between the support of 16,500 satoshis, and the resistance of 24,000 satoshis. It is currently in the middle of that range.

The technical indicators are uncertain:

The MACD is on the rise but has yet to reach positive territory
RSI is rising, but remains below 50
Stochastic RSI is forming a bullish cross but this is not yet confirmed
Thus, the most plausible scenario would be a period of consolidation between these two areas.